Mass Flow Meters

Mass Flow Meters
CM Series mass flow meters utilize Coriolis technology for achieving a high accuracy standard. Fluids flow through a vibrating tube which then causes a deflection of the flow tube proportional to mass flow rate. It is suitable for use with liquids, gases and slurries. Models are available that will measure mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature and density. Unaffected by variations in pressure, temperature, density, electrical conductivity and viscosity, the CM Series provides accurate mass flow measurement over wide flow ranges. The series is comprised of three (3) models which differ by their choices in flow range, wetted parts, accuracy, pressure ratings, density measuring, and other optional functions and features. All three use a universal, full-featured transmitter, which can be mounted integral with the sensor element or remote mounted up to 1,000 ft [300 m]. The rugged, NEMA 6P [IP68] rated transmitter has options for a built-in digital display, tamper-proof custody transfer software and Profibus-PA digital communications.

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