Wireless LAN Device

Wireless LAN Device
SerialLAN-GB is a wireless LAN device that works with 802.11gb wireless networks in factories and offices. Industrial applications include wireless loading of PLC for controlling factory machinery, wireless transfer of new coding for numeric control machine tools, and wireless telemetry from RS232-connected instruments and monitoring equipment located in the factory. Data radios hook up to the instrument in the factory which then wirelessly sends the telemetry to the network, and then on to someone's computer that is monitoring it. The device has data rates individually programmable up to 115 kbps and as low as 300 bps, serial port options that are individually set, full duplex bi-directional -- serial data in, and serial data out; supports full mobility and seamless roaming from cell to cell; and is powered directly from any instrument, PLC, controller, N/C machine, or DNC controller, including 24 V DC controller power supplies.
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