Data Connection System

Data Connection System
VARIOSUB SC RJ fiber optic connection system transmits data over long distances or in high noise areas where EMI is a concern. In accordance with IEC 18801, its suitable for gigabit Ethernet transmissions. A duplex connection enables both single- and multi-mode fibers to be used for GOF, POF and HCS types. The USB connection system is compatible with USB 2.0 specifications at a transmission rate of 480 Mbps. The type A and B bulkhead and ribbon cable female inserts allow the connector to be mounted directly on a deviceora panel wall. Shielded patch cables are also available for IP67 or standard USB types A and B. The Firewire connection system allows for the connection of peripherals for industrial PCs when high data transmission rates using real-time are required. The connector is compatible to IEEE 1394 at a transmission rate of 400 Mbps. Female inserts for female-to-female and female-to-flat ribbon cable are designed to be device- or panel-mounted. Preassembled patch cables are available.
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