Unitronics' Vision350 PLC/HMI


Vision350 all-in-one PLC/HMI device has a 3.5 in. color touch screen display, capable of supporting 3 MB of application memory for images, and 512K for fonts, allowing about 250 images and 1024 displays per application. Five programmable keys allow customization of function and layout (e.g. keys could be labeled as arrow keys using a supplied keypad slide). Enhanced programming features include trending, built-in alarm screens and easy HMI language support. The PLC allows for 1 MB of logic memory, and a scan time of 15 microsec per 1K of typical application. It also offers up to 38 onboard digital and analog I/Os that can be expanded up to 166, and includes digital and analog I/Os, temperature measurement and load cell inputs. Internal 120KB database enables data logging and supports complex recipe programs.

 Unitronics; 617/657-6596; www.unitronics.com

Operator Interface Hardware
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