Microstar Laboratories' MSXB isolated ground board


MSXB 075 DAQ board eliminates ground loops and phase errors in data acquisition systems. The board includes four single-ended analog outputs, with an isolated ground for each output. And, it updates all channels simultaneously. The board fits into a backplane in a standard industrial enclosure, as do related signal-conditioning products that conform to the external hardware specifications of this company's channel architecture: signal connectors on 3U, Eurocard B.  Its outputs connect through a DB37 male connector. A backplane connector on each board connects it to a digital backplane factory-fitted into the industrial enclosure. An interface board that also plugs into the backplane receives digitized waveforms from a DAP board controlled by a PC or DAPserver. MSXB 075 boards also fit directly into a DAPserver to form a network-ready isolated package.

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Data Acquisition
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