Ross Controls' DM2 Series E Crossflow Serpar double valves


DM2 Series E Crossflow Serpar double valves are designed with total dynamic monitoring and memory for Category-4 machine-guarding applications. They are available in nominal size 2 with port sizes ¼ and 3/8, NPT and BSPP threads. The pneumatic safety-related valves address ANSI standards for machine safety, including the Z244 (lock-out), B11.19 (machine guarding) and B155 (packaging machinery).

Pressure Switch Feedback in a Control Reliable System

The most typical application for the DM2 Series C and E valves is that of solenoid dump valve for air entry energy isolation. When a safety event occurs, such as the opening of a guard door or the operation of an E-stop device, these valves will exhaust the downstream pressure in the system removing the pneumatic energy.
There are two questions that frequently come up when it comes to the integration of this valve in a safety system.

Download this document to find out what these two questions are, and the answers to them.

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