Signal Boards Provide Speed Without Requiring Additional Space

Digital signal boards from Siemens let industrial users add functions and improve speed yet the units don't require any expansion of installed hardware. The boards for the SIMATIC S7-1200 compact controller work with both 24V and 5V DC sensors and actuators. Six high speed signal boards are small enough to fit onto the front of installed controllers so users don’t have to add width or otherwise alter form factors. Three members of the line are configured for 24V DC version for HTL signals for connection to standard industrial sensors and actuators. There are also three 5V DC versions for TTL signals. They connect to sensors with 5V DC signals such as encoders for stepper motors, servo drives and other actuators. Users can add two pulse output channels on relay output CPU models using a signal board for either PTO or PWM requirements. They can also add high speed counters on smaller CPUs. The three S7-1200 expansion boards provide 200 kHz input, 200 kHz output and a combination with both inputs and outputs. Though they run at 200 kHz, systems that use pulse train output algorithms have a maximum output of  100 kHz. The peak 200 kHz speed can be achieved with PWM configured outputs.
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