Kepware's iSNMP Driver

Industrial SNMP driver for KEPServerEX provides valuable insight into the performance of a variety of industrial control system networks. With the SNMP driver suite you can monitor and analyze your Ethernet-based network from within your existing HMI package. The SNMP driver is also included in the IT and Infrastructure Suite.

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Monitoring of the Plant, by the Plant, for the Plant.

by Kepware Technologies

What is the most important thing on the mind of a manufacturing professional? Well, from most of the articles we read, it falls into two areas - improving manufacturing performance and reducing downtime.  There are wide arrays of solutions available to assist you with both.  You can focus on integration with your business systems to improve the real-time aspects of production management.  You can focus on better production analytics to squeeze additional performance out of the equipment you are monitoring and both identify and resolve areas of production stress - the items that impact the reliability of your manufacturing equipment.  These are all valuable pursuits and they will, no doubt, deliver improvements in your production and profitability.  To know the savings, you should have quantified your cost of downtime, per machine, per line, per plant area, etc.  Only then, will you really clearly know the return on your investments.

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