Siemens' Simotion PAC

In the past, a machine required multiple dedicated hardware components in addition to a PLC to properly monitor and control a machine. Today, one Simotion PAC can handle the PLC logic, motion control, drive control, motion safety, robotics control and PID control for elements like temperature, force or pressure regulation. Not only Simotion PAC reduce panel space and wiring, but it also simplifies (and sometimes eliminates) field-bus configuration, as well.  And because today’s PACs are expected to support all of these features, price is scaled by hardware speed, not functionality. Simotion has four performance levels in the drive-based PAC alone. Simotion PACs are designed to handle all machine functions, multiple hardware versions are available.  Whether the application requires a PC-based PAC for Windows and an integrated HMI, a drive-based PAC for compact mounting or a controller-based PAC to interface with an HMI and drive of the customer's choice, the architecture is the same. Customers can move between any of these hardware platforms with no changes to user-code.
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