AutomationDirect's Basic Soft Starters - Stellar SR33

The Stellar SR33 Series basic soft starters are  available in 22A to 482A sizes, are suitable to control three-phase AC induction motors with a wide variety of motor loads. This series is an ideal substitute for a Star/Delta starter as it fits into a similar footprint, simplifying installation. All units feature two-phase control, easily and separately adjustable motor start voltage and start and stop times, and depending on model, fault indication of 4 or 7 fault types: SCR or power supply, overheat, control power supply, bypass relay failure, shear pin, overload, and overcurrent. Ideal for applications such as pumps, blowers and conveyors, the SR33 series soft starters use thyristors for controlled reduced voltage motor starting and stopping, and then switch to internal contacts for efficient running at rated speed.

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