AutomationDirect's Werma Audible and Visual Signal Devices

Werma 22.5 mm panel-mount electrical buzzers are available in 14 models and in 115 V and 24 V ac/dc styles. Constructed of polycarbonate/ABS housing material, the electrical buzzers are designed to mount in a 22.5 mm hole. Buzzers are available in continuous and pulse-tone models with volume ranges of 80 to 100 decibels; certain models provide eight selectable tones and feature adjustable volume levels up to 100 decibels at one meter. Each buzzer is equipped with simple connector-plug connections. Additional 22.5 mm panel-mount continuous-tone (80 dB at one-meter) electrical buzzers feature LED indicators with either red or yellow lenses. LED and incandescent beacon lights have also been added and are available in red, green, yellow, clear and blue.

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