Conta-Clip's Touch-Safe System for Connectors and Couplings

ZSTS 2.5 pluggable connectors and ZSTK 2.5 couplings are suitable for rated currents up to 24 A and rated voltages up to 500 V. The components are safe to touch, allowing machine manufacturers to complete wiring the machine side and the control cabinet side, pre-commission the application, easily disconnect it for transport, and simply re-plug it for commissioning. The components can be individually configured and combined according to application-specific requirements. They can also be coded. Snap-on locking latches are available to prevent unauthorized handling. Wires with a 2.5 mm² cross-section are reliably contacted via tension-spring connection. The couplings are available for mounting on TS15 or TS35, or as a portable coupling.
Product Type:
Industrial Cordsets/Connectors