National Instruments' Single-Board RIO Digital and Analog I/O Embedded Devices

Single-Board RIO products are designed for high-volume and OEM embedded control and data acquisition applications that require high performance and reliability. Featuring an open, embedded architecture, small size, and flexibility, these commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware devices can help you get custom embedded systems to market quickly. NI Single-Board RIO digital I/O (DIO) and analog I/O embedded devices feature a real-time processor, FPGA, and analog I/O and DIO on a single 4.05 by 6.05 in. printed circuit board (PCB). These devices also offer the option of a high-bandwidth, high-speed connector to provide direct access to 96 FPGA DIO lines and processor functions for further expansion and customization through daughter cards.
Product Type:
Remote I/O
National Instruments