Heidenhain's SIL 3 Safety Encoders

SIL 3 safety encoders provide a single encoder safety solution for many applications such as packaging, automation and robotics. The EQI 1331 rotary encoder has 19 bits of resolution in the single-turn range while tracking 4096 (12 bits) revolutions. The ECI 1319 is a single-turn encoder with 524,288 (19 bits) of resolution.  Both the ECI and EQI encoders showcase improved vibration specifications (400 m/s2 stator and 600 m/s2 rotor), as well as a more durable multi-turn gearbox. These encoders also support the advantages of previous bearingless, inductive encoders, including non-contact design, resistance to contamination, no mechanical self-heating and reduced sensitivity to radial runout.

cd1309 heidehain
Measurement and Sensing
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Presence/Position Sensing