Omron Automation and Safety's E5CN-H (1/16 DIN), E5EN-H (1/8 DIN) and E5AN-H (1/4 DIN) Controllers

E5CN-H (1/16 DIN), E5EN-H (1/8 DIN) and E5AN-H (1/4 DIN) controllers have high-speed response, high resolution and accuracy, and a range of performance customization for logic operations and preventive maintenance functions. Functions include password-protected settings and customizable menus accessed via CX-Thermo software for security. The controller's universal inputs for analog processes and temperature, selection of 13 alarm types and three-color changing display to indicate status enable machine builders to use one model to satisfy the needs of many projects. Controller and option boards for heater burnout detection, serial communication, event inputs, a second control output and transfer analog output are available.