Advantech Introduces Two New 4th Generation Core i Fanless Wide Screen Panel PCs

Advantech's Industrial Automation Group introduces the PPC-4211W and PPC-4151W panel PCs specifically designed to meet the flexible demands of machine builders and factory automation. These 15.6 "and 21.5" wide screen panel PCs come with the latest Intel 4th Generation Core i processor which offers a speed increase of 13% and a 24% increase in 3D graphics over the previous processors. Also, a projected capacitive touch (PCT) screen, a large number of IO ports, and multiple expansion slots for increased functionality.

In the PPC-4211W, with extra chassis space, allows users to add two 2.5 HDDs which can be used as RAID 0/1 configurations.

Since factories are notorious for power spikes and surges, these new models can now be used with a voltage range of 9-32 VDC and have one KVDC isolation protection on the RS-422/485 thereby, ensuring that no matter the circumstances, these panel PCs will continue working and data will be protected.

They come with a standard PCI, PCIex1 (PPC-4211W supports PCIex4) or a mini-PCIe expansion slot which can be used to connect client's fieldbus cards without the need to change their existing hardware.

The PPC-4151W has an IP65 compliant Aluminum die-cast front panel and PPC-4211W has an IP65 compliant Magnesium alloy die-cast front panel. Both models house a TFT LCD PCT screen glass display which offers better protection than traditional resistive touch panels. To further aid usage, the models feature a widescreen display with a ratio of 16:9, providing 40% more screen area than 4:3 displays. This design supports multi-touch to allow a more intuitive operation and enhance flexibility for software designers and better safety control.

For ease of use and added functionality and compatibility, they come with a wide range of IO ports including: dual GbE LAN, five serial ports, five USB 3.0 ports (one of which is on the side for easy access).

Both models are compact and provide both panel and VESA mounting to fit into any machine or factory automation environment. For more information or to purchase any of our other of Advantech products, please contact Advantech directly or your regional Advantech authorized distributor.

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