Macro Sensors EAZY-CA Signal Conditioners Simplify LVDT Linear Position Calibration

Calibration is mandatory prior to sensor installation as it corrects any slight variances between sensors, helping to improve repeatability.  Traditionally, AC-operated LVDT Sensors were difficult to calibrate as signal conditioners required that operators use trimmer pots. Modern signal conditioners, such as Macro Sensors EAZY-CAL  series of LVDT Signal Conditioners, require a virtually effortless front panel fingertip routine for easy field calibrations. 

The EAZY-CAL LVDT Signal Conditioners save time and money by eliminating the repetitive null and span potentiometer adjustments associated with conventional analog-based signal conditioners. Using two front panel push buttons, calibrations are accomplished digitally in seconds. An intuitive, sequencing four LED status indicator guides the operator through the calibration process, and provides foolproof feedback to insure calibration integrity.

Macro Sensors offers two series of EAZY-CAL Signal Conditioners:

  •  Offering both analog and RS485 outputs, the EAZY CAL LVC-4000 SIGNAL CONDITIONER is configurable with LVDTs, RVDTs and VR half bridge position sensors and can digitally communicate with up to 16 devices simultaneously.
  • The EAZY CAL MMX  is a single channel signal conditioner that operates on a nominal 15-30V DC power input and provides a low noise 0-10V DC output or 4-20 mA output.

Check out the video on the new macro sensors here!



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