Pepperl+Fuchs RVS58S Safety Encoders and VBA-2E-KE4-ENC-S AS-Interface Encoder Input Modules

RVS58S safety encoders and VBA-2E-KE4-ENC-S AS-Interface encoder input modules help ensure workers safe machine access during setup and maintenance. The encoders operate at 5 Vdc ±5% and deliver a maximum output frequency of 200 kHz in operating temperatures ranging from -20 to 80° C. The encoder modules have a compact 22.5-mm-wide housing and snap into place on a standard 35-mm mounting rail. Each module provides two safe inputs for the incremental encoders to monitor the standstill, rotational speed and direction of rotation on up to two axes of motion, and sends a safe signal via the AS-i network when a value falls below a set threshold. The system is suitable for applications that demand SIL3, PLe and Category 4 certification.

Machine Safety
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