SKF Laser Vibrometer Is a Non-Contact Tool to Measure Vibration from Fans, Electric Motors, and Pumps

The new SKF Laser Vibrometer (MSL-7000 series) is a laser-based tool to measure vibration and structure-borne noise from fans, electric motors and pumps reliably without making contact with their surfaces.  This non-contact vibration sensor offers a compact and robust solution to deliver optimal results on every measurement surface, regardless of environmental conditions.  The technology benefits from a high-end contactless velocity proportional sensor and is especially suitable to perform process-integrated, "end of line" acoustic inspections of "noise critical" equipment for information on manufacturing quality and compliance with a product’s acoustic emission limits.

The direct integration of the SKF Laser Vibrometer into a production line ultimately can create a real-time quality control system for products enabling pass/fail decisions on the basis of structure-borne vibration.  The vibrometer further supports flexible re-setting of manufacturing batches and test set-ups.
This digital, single-unit laser tool cannot wear (no contacting parts) and does not require servo-mechanisms or noise protection gear during use.  The vibrometer can cover acoustic measurements form 0.2 Hz (for slow rotations) up to 22 kHz and can integrate easily into a manufacturing line and existing control systems.  Applications broaden when combining the vibrometer in the field with SKF Microlog portable vibration monitoring and data collection instruments.  Users then can perform advanced measurements and monitoring in areas otherwise difficult to reach, on hot or rotating parts, and even through glass, among others.

A special package (MSL-7000C) developed for laptop use with SKF FPM Software and a mobile data acquisition card also is available.

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