WEG Electric CFW500 Machinery Drive

WEG Electric introduces its new CFW500 variable frequency drive loaded with features machinery designers, OEM's and end users want.  The CFW500 is the most recent addition to WEG's complete line of variable frequency drives. WEG's engineers specifically designed this new drive with increased features that focus on the machinery manufacturer's needs. It is simple, efficient, flexible and can be commissioned quickly and easily.

The WEG CFW500 drive has 230Vac power ratings of 1/4HP-3HP Single-Phase input; 1/4HP-15HP Three-Phase 'as well as 1/4HP-25HP 3 Phase input at 460Vac. Key features include V/Hz and vector control (VVW) operating modes, a built-in PLC, integrated keypad with back lit display, optional external flash memory module, and ‘plug and play' option modules for communications and I/O to accommodate numerous machine configurations.

The CFW500 is designed to operate in ambient temperatures up to 50°C and can supply an overload of 150% for one minute, repeatable every 6 minutes without derating. This capability eliminates the need for the machine designer to oversize the VFD.

In addition, the CFW500 is designed to follow a pulse train signal as its speed reference and also transmit a pulse train through its digital output making it ideal for master/slave or matched speed applications.

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