Weiss' Dynamic HP70 Pick-and-Place Direct-Drive Modules

Industry leading specialist for rotary tables and automation, WEISS North America, Inc. (Willoughby, OH), has introduced its revolutionary HP70 Pick-and-Place direct-drive component that is thinner (60 mm wide) than any linear motor or pneumatic module on the market today.  Despite its uniquely compact design, it surpasses all previous Pick-and-Place units when it comes to speed−achieving over 100 cycles per minute with repeat accuracy of 0.01mm.

Key to the HP70’s design, is a new drive concept that works with two linear motor axes that feature a unique 'knuckle' design on the y/z axis that virtually eliminates the need for another linear motor for the z axis.  Essentially, two horizontal axes with 125, 225, or 325mm stroke length are arranged in parallel above one another, and then connected via a kinematic unit.  This guarantees a vertical stroke of 70mm.