Advantech Server-grade industrial motherboards

The ASMB-923I and ASMB-823I serverboards feature Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors and C610 series chipsets. The boards are designed to offer power savings compared to DDR3L. The multi-core hyper-threading function delivers simultaneous multithreading technology for each processor core physically present. The operating system addresses two virtual processors and shares the workload between them when possible. Supporting PCIe 3.0, the boards double the delivered bandwidth of PCIe 2.0 so that 10G Ethernet and high-performance graphic cards can be implemented. ASMB-923I also features parallel rackmount chassis placement that helps to deliver cool operation, lower fan power consumption and correspondingly quieter system acoustics.

Advantech ASMB 250
Industrial Computer
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Advantech, Industrial Automation Group