Aerotech EasyTune autotuning tool

The EasyTune™ autotuning tool is now available in a commercial motion controller. Entirely data-driven, the algorithm largely mimics the process followed by an experienced controls engineer. Many existing tuning techniques rely on basic model-fitting or “rules-of-thumb” that ignore machine resonances or nonlinear behavior, but EasyTune™ directly measures and compensates for those effects. It assumes no prior knowledge of the system properties, and begins with a system identification operation. It continues with the development of a baseline stabilizing controller followed by progressively more sophisticated compensation via loop-shaping procedures. The final controller has the highest bandwidth practical for that particular stage system. EasyTune™ is a standard feature of Aerotech’s A3200, Ensemble and Soloist motion controls. Learn more from Aerotech. 

CD 1512 EasyTune
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