ASCO's 290 Series Proportional Valve

The ASCO 290 Series air-operated valves with PositionerD provide proportional flow control via a 4 – 20mA signal. They are available in normally-closed construction and sizes ½ inch thru 2 inches. The valves are suitable for process and industrial applications where a robust valve and precise flow control are needed. The heavy-duty angle body piston valve that permits an electrical input signal to provide proportional control of the pressure or flow output. Variable flow is proportional to the control signal (open loop) and closed loop control is available with an external process sensor.

The 290 Series valve is available in brass and stainless steel bodies. It comes with LED indicators for valve status display and a position feedback signal for optimal flow control. The valve has manual opening and closing function and is supplied factory-assembled.

Pneumatic Components
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