AutomationDirect Datalogic safety light curtains

AutomationDirect offers Datalogic safety light curtains in basic and advanced function models. With 14mm and 30mm resolution styles, the SG4-series safety curtains provide finger and hand protection, as well as product/machine safety where risks cannot be eliminated by machine design and the process might require open and frequent access. SG4 basic function models feature protected heights from 150 to 900 mm and operating distances of up to 7 meters (14mm resolution) or 300 to 1800 mm with up to 20 meters operational distance (30mm resolution), selectable external device monitoring and more. The SG4 advanced models feature zero dead zone, selectable operating distance, integrated muting and blanking functions, advanced configuration mode through included GUI software and more. 

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CD 1511 Datalogic light curtains
Machine Safety
Product Type:
Light Curtains/Barriers