BEI Kimco Magnetics VCA Developer’s Kit

VCA Developer’s Kit is a self-contained kit that includes a VCA with a built-in feedback sensor and a programmable controller with the company's development software that runs on the user’s local PC. The kit is intended for customers that want to try a VCA for their application, but are unsure where to begin.  Three different versions are available, each with a different VCA that is paired with the appropriate controller PCBA to drive the VCA being used.  The controller can operate in open or closed loop modes, is internally compensated for high linearity, and supports coordinated multi-axis applications.  Also included is a flash drive that provides all necessary links to software and set-up instructions as well as a configuration file that can drive the VCA for easy start-up. 

CD1502 BEI Large
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BEI Kimco Magnetics