Bosch Rexroth High-load-capacity planetary screw assemblies

Planetary screw assemblies now are available with high-load capacities. These screw assemblies feature diameters of 60 and 75 mm as well as leads of 10 and 20 mm each. Screw diameters of 20, 30, 39 and 48 mm with leads of 5 and 10 mm also are available. These sizes cover dynamic load capacities up to 544 kN and static load capacities up to 1,496 kN within minimal installation space. The drive units are suitable for use in high-force applications. The assemblies feature a high positioning accuracy and repeatability with minimal travel movements. The company supplies the planetary screw assemblies ready to install with machined ends.

FA15002 Rexroth PLSA 250
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Bosch Rexroth