Linear Technology Micromodule regulator

The LTM4630-1 is a dual 18-A or single 36-A µModule (micromodule) regulator with high-precision output voltage regulation for 28- and sub-28-Nm FPGAs, ASICs and microprocessors. The core voltage of these digital devices requires accurate voltage regulation at steady-state (dc) and at fast-load current transients. The regulator provides precision output voltage regulation for both conditions: ±0.8% maximum total dc error over line, load and temperature (–40 to 125 °C) and ±3% total error, including transients, with minimum output capacitance. To power mid- to high-power 28- and sub-28-Nm digital devices, the device can be used in parallel to current share up to 144 A (i.e., four devices x 36A).

Linear Technology 250
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