Murrelektronik's MICO protective modules

Murrelektronik's MICO protective modules for UL508A control cabinets are a solution for intelligent power distribution and efficient branch circuit’s protection. Eight different MICO modules are now NEC Class 2 approved, so you can design your power distribution scheme. With Murrelektronik's MICO NEC Class 2 approved module, it is possible to design NEC Class 2 circuits faster, in a more compact and cost-effective way. All you need is a standard power supply unit (that doesn't necessarily have to be NEC Class 2 approved) combined with MICO to design two, four or eight separate load circuits with limited energy in a simple way. Learn more here. 

CD 1510 Murrelektronik MICO NEC Class 2 pr
Power Distribution
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Power Supplies