Numatics G3 Fieldbus Pneumatic Valve Platform

The Numatics G3 Fieldbus Pneumatic Valve Manifold is the next-generation electronic platform that allows easy access to I/O connections. It’s easy to assemble, install, commission, and maintain. The G3 platform is the only pneumatic valve manifold on the market that contains a graphical display used for configuration/commissioning and diagnostics. The same electronic modules can be used for centralized or distributed architecture.

The innovative clip design allows for easy assembly, configuration, and flexibility. The optional Auto Recovery Module (ARM) saves the configuration information and electrically disconnects from the circuit to ensure that if a failure occurs, the ARM will upload the configuration settings automatically once the node is restarted — a tremendous time saver. The G3 Fieldbus manifold is the robust, leading-edge technology that meets your application needs and facilitates your processes.

Pneumatic Components
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