Otek HMI-Compliant LED Meters

The NTM Series of bargraph meters use a tri-color display to indicate process status (green signifies a safe reading, yellow signifies a cautious reading, and red signifies an unsafe one). This mode of communication between the human operator and the machine means there’s no need to have to think about whether or not a reading is safe or unsafe. The series also features signal failure detection, allowing users to be aware of when the input signal has failed or gone dead. The unit not only flashes its display with the message “INPT FAIL,” but transmits the event to supervisory equipment via serial I/O. Units are equipped with a more flexible firmware that can perform math functions for the user to save time and prevent calculation errors. The NTM series is available in 20 different models and is available in loop, signal and external power. The series includes all industry standard size housings available in plastic or metal.

CD1502 RU Otek
Operator Interface Hardware
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Panel Meters