Photron Compact high-speed camera system

The Fastcam Mini AX100 high-speed camera offers light sensitivity that achieves ISO 40,000 for monochrome and ISO 16,000 for color. High-G, compact and measuring 120 mm H x 120 mm W x 94 mm D, the camera provides 1,024 x 1,024 pixel resolution at up to 4,000 frames per second (fps) and 540,000 fps at reduced resolution. The 1.6-kg, one-piece camera includes 4-, 8- and 16-GB memory options. For applications that require higher frame rates, resolutions are reduced to achieve the imaging performance needed. Slow-motion video data from the camera can be viewed and analyzed from a desktop or laptop PC via the Gigabit Ethernet interface.

Photron Mini AX100 250
Machine Vision
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