Power Sources Unlimited TMR 9 and TMR 9WI series dc-dc converter

The TMR 9 and TMR 9WI series dc-dc converter in a SIP-8 package provides an isolated and regulated output voltage delivering 9 W of output power to the Traco Power portfolio. The series is designed to achieve a 50% higher power density while occupying 2 cm2 (0.3 sq. in.) of board space. All models are equipped with a flat switching transistor with extended dissipation surface. Combined with an extra thermo-conducting potting compound, the heat losses can be transferred to the metal casing and dissipated to the environment. The temperature range is –40 to 60 °C at full load or up to 85 °C with a 50% load de-rating.

PSU tmr9 250
Power Distribution
Product Type:
Power Sources Unlimited