ROSS CONTROLS BG Certification for CrossMirror Series CM Valves

ROSS has announced its CrossMirror Series CM Size 0 valves are now BG Certified per the DIN ES ISO 138491 PL e standard. These valves are intended to be used to return a cylinder toward a safe position when de-energized or when a fault occurs. Applications could include pneumatic cylinder presses, welding equipment, pneumatic doors and more.

The ROSS Category 4 Safe Cylinder Return CrossMirror Series CM Valve enables rapid exhaust of downstream air when de-energized to reverse a cylinder’s motion and return it to a safe position. This 5/2 valve is for addressing a single hazard and has latch out capabilities that inhibit operation until the valve is reset should a fault occur. CrossMirror Series CM Valves can be installed individually or multiple units can be connected together with manifold bases. The CrossMirror Series CM Valve is the latest addition to the ROSS’ Safe Cylinder Return Valve family that covers a wide range of sizes that are available with either solenoid or air piloted options.

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