Triangle Research PLC with Field Wiring-Ready I/O Terminals

The EZWire1616 PLC offers integrated, field wiring-ready I/O terminals. It provides every digital and analog I/O point with its own power (24 V or 5 V) and 0 V on a three-level screwless terminal. Every sensor and actuator in the control system can be wired directly to the PLC without requiring additional screw terminal blocks and wire harnesses. The controller uses the company’s SmartTILE-Fx CPU. It supports full-floating-point computation, nonvolatile FRAM, flash file system, battery-backed RTC, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, digital I/Os, 12-bit ADC, 4-20mA DAC, PWM, stepper controller and industry-standard Modbus RTU and TCP protocols.

Triangle EZWire1616 250
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Triangle Research International Inc.