Bimba Flat-I product line stainless-steel compact cylinder

Bimba has announced the addition of a stainless steel, compact cylinder to its Flat-I product line. According to Bimba, the stainless steel Flat-I cylinders were designed especially for applications in which frequent, corrosive wash downs are required to prevent the propagation of bacteria. It comes in a range of 8 bore sizes and various cylinder options.

“In industries such as food and beverage or health and beauty, and in numerous medical applications, bacteria often proliferate in crevices thus adding to the difficulty of component cleaning,” said Jerry Scherzinger, product marketing manager. “For such situations Bimba sought to provide our customers with a cylinder that has mounting holes only where they are needed, with a clean stainless steel exterior. Most importantly, because of the importance of sterility and the need for cleaning with high-pressure, high temperature sprays applied at close range, Bimba made the Stainless Steel Flat-I at the highest possible rating on the Ingress Protection International Scale – IP69K, 6 for being dust-tight and 9 for protection against liquids." 

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