Heidenhain ATEX rotary encoders

ExN and ROx 400 rotary encoders for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX) are designed to meet the DIN EN 60079-0: 2014 standard. The encoders have a sturdy design with increased wall thickness, small cable diameter and variations for multiple zones and atmosphere classifications. ExN 400 encoders feature a 12-mm blind hollow shaft and are resistant to shock up to 1,500 m/s2 (for 2ms) and vibration up to 100 m/s2. These IP66 encoders can handle shaft speeds up to 5,000 rpm. ROx 400 encoders are equipped with either a 6- or 10-mm solid shaft and have vibration ratings up to 300 m/s2 and shaft speeds reaching 10,000 rpm.

ATEX Rotary Encoders 250
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