KEB America S6 servo drive

The S6 servo drive is suitable for high-performance servo applications requiring real-time communication, SIL3 safety functionality and integrated control. It has a compact footprint, allowing drives to be mounted closely together. The 2.2-kW unit is 50 mm wide, and the 5.5-kW unit is 90 mm wide. As standard, the drive includes safe-torque-off and safe-brake-control functionality. Extra safety functionality according to ISO 13849 is available, including SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SLP, SLI, SDI and SSM. An EtherCAT communication interface comes standard and can handle a variety of motor and control types. Profinet and Powerlink communication options also are available.

KEB S6 250
Motor/Drive-Industrial Electric
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KEB America