L-com Hyperlink embedded PCB antennas

HyperLink embedded antennas are designed to integrate directly with machines that require wireless connectivity. Embedding these PCB antennas directly into a device or machine eliminates the need for an external antenna. The embedded antennas include support for 2.4-GHz, 4.9-/5.8-GHz and dual-band 2.4-/5.8-GHz operation. They feature integrated low-loss 1.13-mm coaxial leads that are terminated with U.FL/IPX connectors. In addition to the standard antennas, custom-designed embedded antennas are available to meet specific design requirements. These requirements include custom shapes and sizes; multiple connector options, such as MMCX, U.FL and SMA; and frequency and gain options.

L com Embedded PCB Antennas 250
Industrial Networks
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Wireless Components
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