Siemens Entry-level industrial PCs

Simatic Nanobox PC IPC227E and Simatic Nanopanel PC IPC277E controllers are equipped with Intel dual- and quad-core Celeron processor technology. Designed for fanless operation, the entry-level industrial PCs are suitable for uninterrupted control, visualization, data collection and communication tasks. They are reliable under severe temperature, vibration, shock and EMC conditions. Equipped with an integrated 24-V industrial power supply, they can be operated without a battery. The Nanobox is available with or without a PCIe slot. It offers uninterrupted duty in ambient temperatures of up to 60 °C. The Nanopanel comes with a 7-, 9- or 12-in high-resolution, wide-format industrial touch display.

Siemens Simatic IPC227E 250
Industrial Computer
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