Unitronics Onboard I/O configurations for all-in-one PLCs

An I/O configuration has been added to the Samba line of all-in-one PLC+HMI controller. This line offers self-contained, nonexpanded PLCs with onboard I/O and integrated HMI for small-application control. Two models with analog outputs are available, with either a 3.5- or 4.3-inch screen. Models SM35-J-RA22 and SM43-J-RA22 both offer 12 digital inputs, two of which may be configured as analog, two as PT100/TC and one as HSC/shaft-encoder input; two analog inputs; eight relay outputs; and two analog outputs. The integrated PLC features two auto-tuned PID loops, time-based RTC control, data logging and recipes. It has IP66, IP65 and NEMA 4X ratings.

Unitronics Samba 250
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