ASI Terminal block with built-in surge protection

The ASIDM24-S2A DIN rail-mounted terminal block with built-in surge protection for analog signal lines is designed for use in process control applications using 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA and 0-10 V signals. It protects control loop systems from transients as well as voltage surges and features a ground circuit connection, nominal current of 500-mA input and nominal voltage of 24 Vdc. The DIN rail-mounted SPD terminal block uses a cascading three-stage GDT-MOV-transient absorption diode technology to protect the circuit. It has an MCOV rating of 33 Vdc and data network protection in accordance with IEC 61643-12:2000+A1:2008. The 6.2-mm-wide product will mount on any standard 35-mm DIN rail.

ASI ASIDM24 S2A terminal block 250
Product Type:
Terminal Blocks
ASI, Automation Systems Interconnect