Carlo Gavazzi 4-wire complementary output inductive proximity sensors

Carlo Gavazzi's ICB Series with complementary output was designed with the objective of adding product flexibility. The components provide both a Normally Open and Normally Closed Output in the same package for easier replacement.

The 4-wire DC sensors are offered in short or long barrel,  flush or non-flush mounting, NPN or PNP type, M12 plug for quick disconnect or 2 meter pre-wired cable and standard or extended sensing distances (reaching up to 22mm).

The 4-Wire complementary output inductive proximity sensors feature integrated diagnostics LED, IP67 rating to protect against water and humidity penetration, built-in microcontroller for accurate and repeatable operation and  conformance to global standards such as UL 508 and IEC 60947-5-2

These 4-wire ICB Inductive Sensors are designed for position and presence sensing for various types of applications found in the material handling, machine tool and packaging industries.

carlo gavazzi proximity sensors 250
Measurement and Sensing
Product Type:
Presence/Position Sensing