Electromate Rotary electric encoders with 20-bit resolution

Netzer Precision Motion Sensors’ rotary electric encoders, designed for harsh environments, provide accurate, high-resolution, absolute position with miniature-to-wide-diameter hollow shaft. Available with analog sin/cos, digital SSI and digital AqB+Index outputs, these rotary encoders feature up to 20-bit resolution (with 12-bit A/D) and accuracy to <0.01°. The encoder’s noncontact technology relies on interaction between the measured displacement and a space/time-modulated electric field. Features include absolute position output over 360° rotation range, a default operation range from -55 to 125° C, dual and triple redundancy options, no magnetic signature, high tolerance to condensation and contaminants and insensitivity to EMI/RFI and magnetic fields.

Netzer Absolute Encoder 250
Motion Components
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