Moog Animatics High-performance Smartmotor

The NEMA 17 SmartMotor, model SL17406D (the SL17), is described as low cost, but its design includes many of the high-performance and ease-of-use features found on the SM SmartMotor. The SL17 SmartMotor features an AniBasic (BASIC-like) language with more than 200 commands for configuration and control of I/O, program flow, data handling, math and motion. Nonvolatile storage retains the program and data when power is off. The torque, position, velocity and contouring modes provide the specific control needed for the application. The integrated drive and controller are designed to reduce wiring, increase reliability, simplify installation and reduce setup time.

Moog Animatics SL17 SmartMotor 250
Motor-Industrial Electric
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Moog Animatics