Moticont Compact direct-drive linear motor

The SDLM-019-070-01-01 direct-drive linear motor offers zero backlash, zero cogging, high acceleration, high speed, high resolution and long life. Also known as an electric cylinder, the compact motor is 0.75 in (19.1 mm) in diameter and 2.75 in (69.9 mm) long. Protected inside the motor housing, the linear optical quadrature encoder is connected directly to the shaft for the greatest possible accuracy. This non-commutated servo motor features 1.25 ┬Ám (0.000049 in) of resolution, a stroke length of 0.500 in (12.7 mm), a continuous force rating of 9.7 oz (2.7 N) and peak force of 30.7 oz (8.5 N).

Moticont compact SDLM Linear Motor 250
Motor-Industrial Electric
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