Moticont Compact voice coil stage

The compact HCDS-025-038-02-B1-01 voice coil stage has a footprint of 2 in (54 mm) wide by 5 in (127 mm) long. It features a positioning resolution of 1 micron and a 0.125-in (3.175-mm) open aperture. This precision cross-roller stage has a 0.97-in (24.6-mm) range of motion with 1 lb (4.4 N) of continuous force and 3.2 lb (14.2 N) of peak force. The zero-cogging, clean, low-inertia, high-acceleration, high-speed voice coil-driven stage has a built-in home switch for accurate initialization. As the coil is fixed and the magnetic assembly moves, there are no moving electrical components to fail.

Moticint HCDS 250
Motion Components
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