Pentair Hoffman Syspend HMI system

The Pentair Hoffman Syspend 180-MAX is a modular support arm system that allows users to design customized configurations to address workers’ needs without having to place a custom ordered solution. The system aims to optimize factory workspace without sacrificing ergonomics.  Six small set screws connect tubes to couplings which can cut installation time in half.

The Syspend 180-MAX has an improved load rating and cast bearings that are designed for repeated use. The Syspend 180-MAX can be used with the Syspend Aluminum HMI Enclosure.

The system has multiple modular component options, six standard tube lengths, short screws, tubes and couplings wide enough for use with DVI Connectors, panel couplings and can be combined with the Syspend 281-MAX using the reduction elbow to achieve higher load rating.