TEAC panel-mounted and portable digital indicators

TEAC's two digital indicators, the TD-700T and TD-01P offers a way to monitor, collect and display strain based sensor data. The indicators aim to give OEMs and end users a simple way to measure force, torque and pressure with visual acuity at a panel meter price.

The TD-700T and TD-01P bring features to small digital indicators that are normally found in larger HMI. Both have a 2.4” color TFT LCD screen that provides selectable display modes offering precise numeric values and/or relative level with bar graph and graph screens in real-time and at 24-bit resolution.

Up to four programmable alarm points change color at each respective level. When the graph display mode is selected, the actual process can be viewed and compared depending upon the unit used.

The TD-700T is a panel-mounted unit that has 4Ks/S speed (20Ks/S in hold modes), RS485 or CC-Link interfaces, analog outputs of up to 10V or isolated 4/20mA and is compatible with TEDS for automatic sensor set up.

The TD-01P is a portable unit with many of the same TD-700T functions and includes input lead interruption check, stores up to 300 measurements and 8 waveform profiles and plots waveform profile overlay comparisons. Data management software is provided with the TD-01P.

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