Yaskawa All-in-one servo amplifier and single-axis controller

The Sigma-7Siec is a unit that combines a SERVOPACK servo amplifier with a one-axis motion controller in a single package. The product was created for automation applications that require the control of only one servo motor, but call for quick, precise and reliable servo system performance.It builds on the legacy of the MP2600iec, a Yaskawa product that offers an amplifier/controller combination. The Sigma-7Siec accomplishes both while using the smaller footprint of an individual amplifier.

Sigma-7Siec has a bandwidth of 3.1 kHz and Yaskawa’s servo tuning algorithms assure vibration suppression, autotuning and tuning-less commissioning without the need for installer intervention. Like all Sigma-7 SERVOPACK amplifiers, this unit includes open communication, IEC 61131-3 programming, programmable outputs to reduce panel cost and space requirements, remote I/O, and a built-in web server with diagnostics.